A Blast From The Recent Past

In this casually non-themed episode from a few months back, we do a poor job of foreshadowing already released The Abby K episode, then the gang meanders around some random topics to give us their take on: Flying Ferrari F1 cars at Imola, Italy. How can we do a racing series in Antarctica? Why can’t Misty go out to her MX-5 and upgrade her bulbs to LED’s? Off-brand gasoline: does it have anything in common with a smorgasbord and does that make it bad? How does Ben like his new to him Mazda 6? Is Mickey’s newly found improvement in fuel economy due to using gasoline with a different octane rating or is it the manner in which he drove his car? Our trivia questions let us know: What was / is / will be GeVeCo service? What cars did / do / will come with a Vegan Leather interior? How many Nauga pelts are used in a typical Naugahyde interior?

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