This week, Dave celebrates No Pants Day, Misty brings our Grand Trivia Auto question, and Ben introduces Paul Harmon, proud (2nd)owner of a Million (plus) Mile Mercedes 240D.

Paul waxes poetic about his 4 cylinder, 4-speed manual transmission 1981 Mercedes 2401D, how many 240Ds were produced in Germany for the US market (480,000+!), buying a transmission just for one small gear, how many miles a year he’s averaged (40,000), and just how many oil changes it takes to get to a million miles.

Then Dave blames Misty for all the math that suddenly popped up. Misty vigorously denies any involvement due to her extreme allergy to mathematics.

Dave takes over ‘Dawn on the Autobahn’ as Dawn takes a well-deserved break, and we talk pickup trucks. Concepts and prototypes that never make production just really grinds Mickey’s gear. Especially when you compare the ones that DO make it versus the ones that don’t. We have a moment of silence for the prototypes that are no longer with us, and appreciate the ones that have survived, while Misty invokes the Geneva Conventions.

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Let’s all give Suzanne a round of applause for dealing with our crazy, and building TTAC’s new website! Mickey, Ben, Ronny, Beka, and Eric present Suzanne with a well-deserved award, and she sticks around to chit-chat about cars. Beka finds that Suzanne is a kindred spirit. Ben brings up the topic of a cough station wagon Mustang. Eric is going to Wally World. Mickey reveals his new facial expression of shock and horror. And Ronny searches pastries for magic.

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