We welcome Mike Pennington from Meguiar’s to talk about innovation in car care. Mickey is star struck and may have actually confessed to trade show larceny. Ben explains that it will take more than Meguiar’s to address some of the Yellotus’s cosmetic issues. A brief discussion of idiosyncratic European car enthusiasts leads to a conversation of first cars. We explore the role of fragrance in car care products, although Dave’s proposal for s’more scented car wax probably doesn’t have a future. And, we learn what it’s illegal to do while driving in Alabama.

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Lee Ann gives Mickey, Beka & Ben a lesson about racetrack telemetry. The group also talks about the sales & marketing trends in motor sports. Mickey opens the subject of knowing when your own car has a problem, while a mechanic is unable to replicate it. The gang closes on the subject of womens’ increased involvement with professional racing.

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