TTAC goes international! We welcome Misty from The Netherlands to a new Two Girls & a Car episode. In Relationship Roadster, Amanda delves into Ferraris. Mickey grills Misty on her love for Formula One racing, and we learn about how Misty is learning to navigate multi-use traffic circles amidst tram tracks and bicycles. Ben’s Lotus update: his 1970 Elan Plus 2 has hit the road! Unfortunately, it’s leaving oil on the road. Listener Jennifer Bell writes in to ask the best way to junk a car. Listener Robert Drake writes in about auto repair shops going out of business because they can’t keep good mechanics. Elizabeth Parks writes in with her Worst Car Story, a Cadillac Cimarron. And, Mickey stumps the team with BMW GPS faults.

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Mickey, Ben & Beka talk with Lee Ann about her roadsters, stories about her fascinating automotive career encompassing racing, NASCAR, working for Carol Shelby, and achieving milestones as a lady in a male-dominated industry. More about the sport of racing, the participants and where their real passions & goals lie.

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