Loxley Brown joins us to talk about Athena Racing, a nonprofit dedicated to opening doors for young women into the transportation industry, we talk about Trivia Czars, favorite movies about cars, rescuing cars displayed without their consent, and Dave’s probably possessed Jeep.

First up is a straw poll on electing Tim as our Trivia Czar and how we all rode the struggle bus to either narrow down or fill a top 5 list of our favorite movies about cars. With Ben as the voice of reason, we all shared one from our list, which included Smoke Signals, The Gumball Rally, Risky Business, It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, and Herbie The Love Bug. Dawn realized she cared more about the cars being damaged than the people in her choices.

Ben Takes A Moment to continue our theme of cars in movies, touching on The Spy Who Loved Me, his previous job as security for a TV production (he touched the cars), and the virtual fleet of cars destroyed in TV and movie classics. We discuss rescuing the Miami Vice Testarossa from a Florida flea market while Misty offers to coordinate bail for the group stateside. Many disclaimers followed. We also pondered a road trip to a car museum in Miami with a truly massive James Bond transportation collection and talked about some poor marketing choices.

Instead of news, Misty tried to answer Dave’s conundrum about his 2008 Jeep Wrangler X horn issues. The first conclusion was that Dave needed to call a priest (we’re moving up from nuns in this episode), another possible issue was the plastic housing expanding in the heat, or Dave has a moisture problem. In the end, Misty decided that Dave has a 1 in a 7 billion problem or maybe it’s just a relay. And yes, Mickey, there are Episcopalian Nuns.

Loxley Brown, head of Athena Racing, joins us to talk about her nonprofit efforts to open doors for young women across the globe into careers in the transportation industry. Athena Racing is dedicated to giving young women the knowledge and tools to follow their dreams into any segment of the transportation via summer camps, workshops, and monthly projects.

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