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On this cold and crisp day in Atlanta, the pack of podcasters revisits the topic of self-driving cars, and addresses the possible safety issues involved with some of the autonomous technology. Then there’s our question for the day: does speed kill? Let us know what you think. And physics, does it kick our deGrasse? We learn about a disease that you could catch from doing the driving test wrong.

We record at Strongbox West, in Atlanta. If you would like to pose a question or offer feedback, please visit our website.

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Friends, we very much want to buy a truck. Or a bus. Maybe an RV. Something which might make a great project to get our hands dirty with, converting it into a thing of beauty.

Join us in imagining: “Mobile Podcasting Studio.” If we raise enough cash, we’ll rehab the thing, outfit it with the right gear (including shag carpet), and turn it into a mobile recording studio that we’ll drive to car shows and other events throughout the region.

We should probably work on our photoshop skills…

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Yes, we’re geeks. We managed to see a few very cool motoring-related displays at the recent AnachroCon here in Atlanta.