More Miata Madness:

As we continue with Bob Hall’s history of co-designing the original MX-5 Miata, we find out: What car Bob refuses to design in the future. Why “Designed in California” is a positive message about a cars and other products to the global audience. Concept cars: why we see some in production and why some just fade away. What the difference is in marketing a car and selling a car. What does Miata mean? How certain market segments of car designs boom and then go bust as others market segments become popular. What will your future EV sound like, how will you charge it and where will that power come from? What lurks in a Volvo’s underpinnings? What is Bob Hall’s dream (Frankenstein) car and what are his literary aspirations? Thanks for listening?

Shameless plugs: Minis, VTEC’s, and Nashes, oh my!

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