Clint, from the Car Space (formerly known as The Auto Riff) podcast joins us to talk about how he got sucked into cars and into podcasting. We talk about running boot, running things into houses, Japanese K-Cars.

Dave preemptively apologizes for his distant Canadian relatives, then we all fall slightly in love with K-Cars. Clint shares his next steps with the podcast, disses the Sonata, and reveals that his current vehicle is the only one that he hasn’t named. The McRib makes another cameo, along with their boon companion, the Fried Apple Pie as we possibly witness the birth of a secret society of shade-tree mechanics.

Misty loses what’s left of her sanity over the Monza Incident, along with suggestions of how to best settle the kerfuffle between Christian Horner and Toto Wolff. Mickey rants about parking an SUV in a space marked for small cars. Dave wonders about the specifics of what makes a ‘compact car’, and Misty delivers the facts.

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