Dave has a special challenge for us because he missed us all horribly and trivia asks us when the rumble seat last graced us with its presence.

Dave threw down the gauntlet asking the gang to put together their very own roadtrip movie! Each submission would be scored on:

  1. The car and why that car
  2. The trip – Starting point, route, and destination
  3. The co-star and why?
  4. What’s the point of this trip?
  5. Bonus – unexpected plot twist

Ben leads off with 2 questionable (according to him) submissions. First he brings a 007-ish satire comedy through the US and follows up with a coming of age roadtrip through the US. Dawn had a slight misunderstanding, so showing her amazing ability to pivot, gives us an off the cuff Porsche flavored spy/romance cliffhanger beginning with a high school reunion based in Europe. Mickey wrestled for a WHOLE 36 hours to deliver a Miami to LA race with a very special twist. Misty draws on her love for Egypt, Brendan Fraser, and The Mummy for an epic drive from Europe to Cairo with a brief segue into why The Mummy is a true love story for the ages, followed up with a book review about women and data bias.

Who won? Listen and find out!!

We take a strange turn into cyberpunk/steampunk DnD with a cyborg Henry Ford before finally finding out which auto was the last to have a rumble seat. And a delightful time was had by all.

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