Today we are joined by a plethora of podcast people! Mickey, Beka, Ben, Victor, and Katie run out of chairs and discuss our automotive enthusiasm. Mickey talks about working on his Mazda, and asks for your pro-tips on aiming headlights. While we’re on the topic, we reflect on how replacing headlight bulbs has changed since the good ol’ days. Ben bravely refers to his significant other as “old school.” Beka confuses PVC with PCV and later poses the question, “How much is too much to pay for hard-to-get workshop manuals?” We converse about sealed power plants and disposable cars. And Mickey asks, “Why do we keep racing?”

Music is by Geminii XIII, and we’re recording at Strongbox West in the beautiful City of Atlanta. If you would like the TTAC crew to tackle a question for you, please visit our facebook page. Thank you for listening!

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