Dreams, the demi-monde, a double header of trivia, dangerous Jeddah, and where in the world is Dennis’ McLaren. Mickey starts off with his odd dreams, and Dave speaks fondly of weaponized silence and the demi-monde nightlife. Mickey hits us with a double dose of trivia. Misty cries foul on the Jeddah GP, and waxes poetic about Sebastian Vettel. We mark the passing of Sir Frank Williams. Dave wonders if Misty could ever lost the ability to speak and then meanders off in F-Land (no worries, it’s still family friendly), while Mickey wonders how long it would take us to actually define all the classes in the FIA. Misty brings us the first edition of ‘Automotive Mysteries’ with the Curious Case of McLaren #039. Maybe the biggest mystery is why Ron Dennis would ever want that color? And again, nuns make a surprise appearance alongside Paddington Bear. Misty compares her BFF’s new car Midge to Waldorf Salad and Ben suggests a photo shoot once losing body parts to frostbite isn’t on the table.

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